Do Lip Fillers Hydro Pen really work? Do Lipo Fat Injection Non-Injections Works?

Hyaluron Pen devices are painless, non-invasive alternatives to dermal lip fillers. That make your lips bigger, fuller, plumper instantly. You can apply lidocaine 5% or higher if you have slight discomfort. This method is much safer than the lip injection fillers, which most likely cause lumps and bumps and goes deeper into the skin. More complication may arise from this method.

Hyaluron Pen is an innovative device that uses extremely effective technology by method of pressure technology which allows enough pressure to launch hyaluronic acid mixture into the skin without the use of an invasive needle.

Hyaluronic acid is substance that is naturally occurring & found inside the human body making allergic reactions VERY rare.

The process takes about 30-45 mins and is virtually painless with little to no downtime (as each individual heals differently).  The results are a more natural look and the treatment can be done every 3-4 weeks to “build” fuller lips until you achieve the size and plumpness you want. 

Fillers can last up to 3-6 months sometimes longer BUT keep in mind everybody is different and results can vary depending on how fast your body metabolizes the filler, each individuals hydration levels differ. 

We recommend a series of 2-3 sessions per client for if you intend to go big.

The Hyaluron pen releases bursts of highly pressurized air to deliver non-medical grade hyaluronic acid (HA) into the skin. It’s important to note that this is not an FDA approved material, so the product is entirely unregulated. Theoretically, the pen allows users to deliver targeted HA volume to the lips by using the force from pressurized air to create microscopic holes in the skin.

The Hyaluron Acid filler product is then distributed sub dermally to create plumper and fuller looking lips.

Both traditional and needleless lip fillers use a protein compound called Hyaluronic Acid (HA)—a substance naturally produced by the body and capable of holding 1,000 times its weight in water. Think of HA as the body's natural moisturizer and lubricant since it helps keep your skin feeling hydrated and looking youthful. 


  • No needles
  • Less pain then needles
  • More natural look
  • 3 day for final results after swelling if any
  • No injections
  • Hyaluronic acid is an all natural substance already found inside the human body, rare occurrence of rejection/allergic reaction.
  • No harsh/unknown chemicals put into your lips
  • Quick and minimal pain
  • Minimal recovery time needed after service
  • Hydrates the lips
  • Plumps the lips
  • Gives your lips a nice natural look, with potential of creating a lot of volume.
  • Cheaper cost than regular lip fillers


  • Under 18 Years of Age
  • Pregnant or Currently Breastfeeding 
  • Has Diabetes/Under the care of a physician
  • Acute of Chronic Skin Diseases in the area to have performed treatment
  • Active, inflammatory acne
  • Hypersensitivity to any of the constituents of the filling preparations
  • Currently on Blood Thinning Medications/Anti-Coagulants.
  • Pre-disposition to hypertrophic scars and keloids

Besides staying hydrated with water and electrolytes, a healthy diet, including foods rich in vitamin K. Think leafy greens like spinach and kale is recommended.

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