How to Get Flawless Glowing Clear Skin Naturally?

'As much as it may seem like it, that breakout didn't appear to ruin your life.' The truth is acne has many causes, some that you can control. Start washing your face day and night. Changing your pillowcase. Some that you can't control like genetics and hormonal fluctuations. That's why it's important to understand what causes breakouts and how to treat them.

I don't care how tired you are, you are NOT allowed to sleep in your makeup. Trust me, your future, pimple-free self will thank you. Wash your face for 30 to 45 seconds every night with a nickel-size amount of face wash. (That's how long it takes to clear all the dirt and oil off your face.)

Invest in a cotton Face mask. Yep, (maskne) is *actually* a real thing. The combination of sweat, germs, and the rubbing of your mask causes a very specific type of breakout, called acne mechanica. Clean your makeup brushes on a daily base if not twice a week.


Always use natural skin cream and face wash, get rid of all those bad chemicals that cause cancer. Always remember to clean you cell phone with alcohol. Stop touching and picking your face. Exfoliate regularly twice a week, and use a facial mask twice a week as well. Change your pillowcases once a week. Beware of the bangs on your forehead that can cause pimples and breakouts with gels or hair sprays.


Don't pop that zit use a mask or acne zapping cream instead. Be consistent with your treatment routine. Has far as eating, choose healthier habits instead of junk food, greasy food, and sugary sweets. Detox on a regular bases at least once a week for 2 days. Lots of sleep at least 7-8 hours. Wear sunscreen 30 spf daily. Hormonal imbalance you can take maca, cortisol, DIM, Black Cohosh, Vitex instead of using birth control.


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