Natural Skin Care

Facial Scrubs

Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials, during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means.

Micro Dermabrasion

Green Tea Scrub: $10
Strawberry Sugar Scrubs: $10
Brown Sugar for dry skin: $10​
Apricot scrub, Papaya with Pomegranate: $10
Kelp and Green Tea Scrub: $10​
Grapefruit with Lemon & Olive Oil scrub: $10
Sea Salt or Seaweed w Cranberries scrub: $10​
​Coffee/Brown sugar scrub for aging: $10​
Mineral Radiance Scrub w/ dead mineral: $10
Citrus Lime scrub for lightening face: $10
Papaya & Pomegranate Scrub: $10
Firm Neck Moisturizer: $20 (1.5oz)

(I'll Make it for your Skin Type)

Skin Treatments for Dark Spots
$10 (15ml)​
$15 ( 1.5oz)
$25 (2.5oz)

Brown Spots Remover
Age Spots, Sun Spots, Liver spots, Blemishes and ​Uneven Skin Tone.

Kojic Acid, Away, Brown Away spf 30, Age Spots spf 30, Brown Spot Corrector, Dark spots spf 30, Dark Spots Glycolic Acid 15% Spf 30.

Facial Cleansers $10 (2.5oz)
$12 (3.2oz)
$15 (4oz)


Names Of Face Washes
Rosehip wash: Combo skin
Lemon Verbena wash: Oily skin, African Black
Soap Face Wash: Oily skin
Seaweed Wash: Acne combo skin large pores
Acne Coconut Wash: Acne
Sea Buckthorn Wash: Aging skin
Luminous Face Wash: Dry skin
Avocado Wash: Dry skin
Rosemary & Grapefruit Wash: Mild Acne
Charcoal Detoxifying Wash: Blemishes and Lightening

Facial Masks
$10 (2oz)
$14 (3oz)

Names of Masks
Sea Kelp Mud Mask: Acne, Aging, Flawless skin, tightening, detoxes.

Tightening Mask
(Aging) Tightens and Tones skin
Pore Reducer Mask: Pore Reducer, Acne, spot Treatments
Aloe Vera Honey Mask: ​Acne Scars, blemishes
Normal to Dry skin:
Sea Seaweed/Kelp Mask: (Antioxidants) Acne, Blemishes, scars, Wrinkles, Brown Spots, Large pores.

Face Peels
$8 (1oz) jar
Argan & Grapefruit Peel:
Grapeseed Peel:
Vitamin C Peel:

Face Toner
$10 (4oz)
Topical Toner:
Aloe Vera Rose Petal:
Kojic Acid Toner:
Hawaiian Toner:

Acne Products

Acne Toner: Evens skin Tone, Acne problems, Oily skin.


Acne Treatments Kit:
Comes with Acne wash 2.5oz, Acne blemish spot treatment, Acne mask 2oz, Dark spot Moisturizer -1.5oz.

Acne Daily Wash, Acne Blemish wash, Acne Coconut Wash
$10 (2.5oz)
$18 (4oz)
With argan, sea Buckthorn​, tea tree, lavender, ginger, frankincense, peppermint, rosemary, rosehip, coconut, castro, camphor, Vitamin A,B,C,D,E,F​.

Acne Body wash
$14 (8oz)

Acne Face Wash
$12 (3oz)

Acne Zap Treatment
$10 (10ml)

Acne Cream
$10 (1oz)

Acne Vitamin stick
$10 (10ml)

Acne Toner
$8 (4oz)

Acne Scrub
$10 (2oz)

Acne Mask
$10 (2oz)

Vanish Blemish & Scar Stick Treatment
$6 (5ml)
$8 (10ml)
gets rid of blemish marks and scars, pimples

​Acne Scar Oil Treatment:
$13 (10ml)
Vitamin E & A, Argan, Lemon, Bio Oil, Aloe Vera,seabuckthorn, Rosehip, Tea tree.

Men's Shaving Cream & After Shave

(Shaving Cream) $8 (3oz)
(After Cream) $8 (4oz)
Made With Aloe Vera,Coconut, Almond, Shea butter​ Vitamin E