Why Get Butt Injections?

I'm a Beauty Consultant That Is Here To Make You Feel & Look Beautiful With Body Enhancements.

All Enhancers Contain Maca Aguaje to get the best results for a bigger more define booty like Kim Kardashian. Also Contains  29 other herbal ingredients like volufiline, fenugreek to help you achieve that hour glass shape you dream of.

1 bottle is more like a sample and will not give full results, must keep using until you reach your full results, then stop. This will give you permanent results it will not shrink but you may need maintenance to keep up the plumpness. To Achieve results it may take up to 4 bottles.

What makes my products different from others?

My product carries 30 ingredients in 1 bottle. Others brands carry just a few ingredients, so mine your getting organic top of the line Ingredients all in 1 products.

Rema's Secrets deliver big improvements on before and after not slightly. Customer service on our end, you deal with directly by the maker not people that don't know their products.

Mine is custom made for you if needed. I don't pay celebrities or social media for fake before and after for results, so that it will sell. I am honest in all I sell and do for my customers to be happy.

Enhancers Q&A

Q: Can I only use Pills to get results or do I need to use the oil too?

A: Yes you can but for most people the oil works better then just taking pills alone. Oil is stronger then the pills. Try 1 pill a day for 2 months then you can increase to 2 pills a day to speed up the process. 5 pills a day is the limit.

Q: What if this is not working fast enough for me can I do anything to speed up the process?

A: Yes Detox your body for 3 weeks the start the pills and oil, this will give you better results because its detoxing the toxins that stop you from absorbing the nutrients you need for it to work.

Butt Enhancements

Brazilian Bigger Butt Oils

  • Regular Strength -No Volufiline.
  • Extra Strength - x2 (Double) of the ingredients plus Volufiline.
  • Mega Strength - x3 (Triple) of the ingredients plus Volufiline.


Bigger Buttocks Extra Strength 2,500mg

  • Herbal Pills
  • Take 1-3 Pills a day then stop when you see the results you want and the results will stay.
  • This Contains: Maca, Zhi Mu Fen, Aguaje. Extra Strong for faster results. ​

Bigger Buttocks Mega Extra Strength 3,000mg Pills

  • x3 Times the Ingredients Plus Volufiline. The strongest.
  • Take 1-3 Pills a day then stop when you see the results you want and the results will stay.
  • This Contains: Maca, Volufiline, Yams, Zhi Mu Fen, Aguaje. Extra Strong for faster results.

Breast Enhancements

Bigger Breast Regular, Extra Strength & Mega Strength Oils and Pills available

  • Makes your Breast grow bigger and faster. Results will be 2-3 cup sizes bigger.
  • Takes between 2-12 weeks. Usually will see results in 2 weeks. This Extra contains x2 times extra ingredients and Mega is triple the ingredients.

Bigger Breast Pills/Capsules

  • Herbal Pills
  • Extra Strength Contains: Pueraria Mirifica, Maca
  • Mega Extra Strength Contains: Pueraria Mirifica, Volufiline, Maca, FenuGreek.

Bigger and Wider Hips

Hour Glass Hip Extra Strength Oil

  • Widen hips naturally and fast.