Remas Secrets

High Frequency Facial Machine/ Device

$65.00 USD
  • Breakthrough Fusion Applicators – The ultimate High Frequency system. Our clinical-grade system features a more powerful wand and new FUSION Neon-Argon applicators. The 6 FUSION applicators provide the skin boosting benefits of Neon and breakout-fighting power of Argon in one universal delivery system. They work synergistically to offer the complete spectrum of skin therapies while shortening the duration of treatment and the need to switch between individual Neon and Argon wands.
  • Improve Your Skin Profile – High frequency treatments are a safe and 100% natural way of improving cellular turnover in your skin by oxygenating the various layers. This improves elasticity over time to reduce fine lines and soften wrinkles. Reduce Age turning back the hands of time giving you youthful appearance -Diminish Dark spots-Dark Circles-Bags Under The Eyes & Facial Blemishes-Skin Tightening & Smoothing. Over all glow! Use it in conjunction with your favorite beauty creams and serums to drastically improve their absorption into your skin so you can get the most out of them.
  • Target Breakout-prone skin – Fusion applicators include Argon which reduce visible signs of blemishes quickly.  Argon has been shown to offer complexion calming benefits.  soothe signs of inflammation under the skin surface to smooth out your complexion.
  • Specialized Body & Scalp Applicators – Clinical features special Fusion Y-shape, Rod, and Comb applicators which are perfectly suited to the various surfaces of your body. Use the Y shape applicator on your arms or neck; the rod and comb applicators are supercharged with tungsten coil and perfect for the any flat surface of the body and the scalp.
  • What's Included –  Clinical High Frequency Handle, FUSION powered mushroom wand, FUSION powered Y-shape wand, FUSION powered comb wand with Tungsten, FUSION powered tongue wand, FUSION powered bent wand, FUSION powered rod wand with Tungsten, quick-start treatment guides, instruction and support contact manuals. A brand proudly based in the United States.

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