Teeth Whitening Treatment

$7.00 USD

1.) Charcoal Whitening Treatment 2oz Jar-1 month supply

2.) Remineralizing Toothpaste Treatment 1oz Jar- 3 weeks supply

3.) 35% Peroxide Dental Grade Bleaching Treatment 0.25oz or 0.5oz Jar

 Can use as replacing chemical toothpaste. Truly Amazing Results best whitening you can do chemical bleaching will damage your teeth in the long run. killing your enamel, giving you sensitive teeth.

Whitens teeth fast in 2 minutes, you can use for 1 week treatment or daily to replace your toothpaste if your using chemical toothpaste. Don't use fluoride it weakens the teeth and bone structure and its poison. 

Great toothpaste safe for kids helps with cavities, gum disease, teeth strengthening, bad breath, detoxes mouth, pulls toxins out, strengthens enamel. Stop using chemical toothpaste! Don't use Fluoride

 Carbon's negative ionic charge attracts positive ionic charges (of toxins and poisons) causing them to bind and then escorts them out of the body via the eliminative channel of the intestines.

No chemical teeth whitening solution or product on the market comes close to the whitening and brightening action and power of Carbon.

 You would be wise to avoid using any and all commercial brands of toothpaste as they are all poisonous, toxic and contain harmful ingredients, such as sodium fluoride (a major ingredient in rat poison), propylene glycol (used in engine degreaser), sodium laurel sulfate, saccharin (a known carcinogen), and harmful petroleum-based dyes (Red Lake and Blue Lake), also reported to be carcinogenic.

 (Remineralizing Tooth Paste Treatment 2oz)                                                                            can possibly repair some cavities and prevent cavities as well.

Tooth decay results from chronic stress and nutrient deficiencies like Vitamin A,C,D and lacking Minerals.

 This is great for sensitive teeth, tooth decay and even cavities. You can heal them nutritionally. It helps support, enamel, strengthen enamel and restore it as well. Oral care treatment is very important for both adults and children. Avoid Fluoride in Dental Care and Toothpaste. Fluoride is a neurotoxin. It does not belong in your toothpaste, your mouth, or your water supply. Use Once a day, for at least 2-3 weeks                                                                   

(Teeth Bleaching Peroxide 35% Whitening Treatment)                                                         Whitens Teeth with 35% Peroxide like the Dentist Uses Profession Strength.                              Apply for 20-30min then rinse off do this for 4 days.


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