Seaweed Lipo Body Contouring Mud Wrap

$25.00 USD

The size 2oz jar will give you an average of 2-5 treatments. 4oz Jar will give you an average of 5-10 Treatments
6oz Jar will give you an average of 10-15 Treatments Measure before and after, and take pictures. Great result when dry brushing before applying gel, apply the seaweed mud on to the body area for 2 hrs- 6hrs with saran wrap, then rinse off. You can lose up to 1-3 inches each time, Amazing results.

1 time use of Seaweed treatments can help with tightening loose skin, losing inches fast, stretch marks, dark uneven skin, skin texture, making skin glow, Detoxes stomach, and bloating.                 

Contains: Seaweed, dead sea mud, cypress, magnesium, juniper, garcinia and Menthol if ALLERGIC DON'T USE. Can make without menthol too if requested, along with 30 other ingredients.

How it works: This encourages your body to sweat which helps to carry toxins out of the body where they can be absorbed by the mask and rinsed away. As skin ages it slowly loses elasticity leading to wrinkles, stretch marks, and sagging skin.  Antioxidants and essential fatty acids contained in the seaweed wrap helps to improve the skin's elasticity. It also increases blood flow to the surface of the skin to bring nutrients that stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells as well as increase collagen production to firm the skin and give it a more supple appearance. Contouring the body by helping to reshape and smooth this excess skin. Aiding in inch loss, the results are tighter smoother skin and improved appearance of any remaining cellulite. 

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