Bigger Booty Pink Serum

$18.00 USD

Increases buttocks, breast and hips naturally, just as strong as Butt Oil.


Brazilian Bigger Booty Pink Serum 1oz. 

Bigger Breast Pink Serum 1oz / increases breast size up to 2 cups.

Pink Wider Hip Serum 1oz / increase hips and thighs naturally.

Why pay for breast implant or butt injections when you can do it naturally. How it works naturally increase estrogen and lipoids to the butt, breast and hips. It increases localized blood flow to the area, causing the area to plump up and thereby smoothing the appearance of cellulite as well.  

How to use: Apply on area twice a day.

All Natural Ingredients: Maca, akpi oil, fenu greek, volufiline, yams, dragon blood, omegas, cypress and much more.

This is a beautiful Pink Glow Pearl Serum but will not leave sparkles on your body and easily absorbs.


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