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(Rema's Secrets All Natural Skin Tightening & Body Sculpting)

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Luxury Day Spa Located in Sacramento area, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights Ca 95628.

We Service areas of: Antelope, Citrus Heights, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Folsom, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Galt, Lodi, California.

(Mobile Available)  within 5 mile radius  (Rema's Secrets Luxury Skin & Body Sculpting  Day Spa)

Body Sculpting Laser Lipo

(Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Enhancements)

Body Sculpting Helps with losing 1-3 inches each treatment, improves elasticity, firming skin, glowing complexion, hour glass shape fast, giving you curves in all the right places, can be applied to any body part Arms, Stomach, Bra Fat, Thighs, Calves, Neck, Face. You must have at least 1 inch of body fat.

Affordable Body Sculpting, We offer Non- Surgical BBL, Butt Lift, Butt Enhancements, Breast Lifting, Hour Glass Hips, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, Ems Sculpt Toning, Hair Restoration, Facials, Hyperpigmentation, Lip Injection Fillers, Lipo injection Shots, Lip Plumpers, Acne, Anti Aging, Skin Lightening, Detoxification. 

The fat cavitation body sculpting treatment is based on a safe ultrasound stimulation with small and large probes at the specific 1-5 MHZ and 30KHz - 80KHz on the deeper visceral fats & subcutaneous fat, which enables a local release of lipolytic hormone. 

This is lipolysis, the natural process by which our fat reserves (from our fat cells) are transformed into energy to be used up by our body (muscles, cells) generally in the form of exercise within 6 hours of treatment. 20 minutes at least daily fir best results. 

It is recommended to purchase  6-15 treatments spaced 4-7 days apart initially to complete the course of treatments.

  • Please note it is of utmost importance that you get your individual heart rate up by exercising within 4–6 hours after fat cavitation and RF treatments as you want to use up the energy so fats do not resettle back in your system.
  • Average person may drink 4oz to 8oz bottles of water a day, to have effective results. Being on a diet and a good exercise plan is important if you want good results. No alcohol or caffeine well doing the treatments. Your body may release toxins during these treatments.

 Body Sculpting gets rid of fat cells melting fat immediately on the targeted areas of the body.

 Does Body Sculpting really work? Yes Whether using heat, cooling, or ultrasound, body sculpting treatments kill fat cells that are then excreted over the next couple of weeks, which is when you'll see full results, but will see results immediately. will lose inches from  1-3 each treatment.

How many Treatments do I need?  6-12 treatments is on average can be more depending on your goals. The more treatments the better results, must drink half of your body weight to see great results. Will need to do some type of walking, or exercising for 20min a day, limit card, sugar intake.

  #1 Body Sculpting  for 1 area. You get  fat reduction in any area) Save $80


 #4   Tummy Tightening -Skin Vacuuming-Cupping, Radio frequency (4 Treatments)


 #5  BBL / Brazilian Butt Lift -Cupping Only. Non-Invasive (4Treatments)  Butt Enhancement


 #6  Breast Lifting/Firming Cupping for Larger Enhanced Breast Size and Firmer lifted Boobs.   Non-Invasive


  #7   Ems Sculpt  48 Hour Abs Rock hard instant results from Ems Sculpt each treatment. Gain 1 inch size bigger in the buttocks, Abs firmer, toned for 6 pack look. Non Invasive. Average treatments is 3 to 4 to get good results.


 #8   Cellulite Treatments. Reduce Cellulite with Cavitation and Red Light Therapy 1 Treatments

 #9  ($130Hyperpigmentation Facial for Dark spots using photo facial.


 #10  ($1,500.00Body Sculpting (10) Treatments using Laser Lipo/Cavitation/Cupping/RF. Package Saves you $300 off


 #11 ($140) Seaweed Body Wrap with Sauna 40mins Inferred heat Treatment, Lose inches, may burn 500 calories each session and detox your whole body fast.


  #12 ($120) Sauna Seaweed Body Wraps (1 Treatments) Sauna Inferred heat Treatment with Seaweed wrap 1hr. Lose inches, may burn 500 calories each session and detox your whole body.


 #13  ($150) Lipo Fat Shot- Fat Melting injection non- needles No pain 



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