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Remas Secrets All Natural Scar Silicone Tape Treatment Better then Embrace and Scar Away. Scar Surgery Treatment Gel .

Apply to the area of Scar after healing up first about 4-6 weeks after. Leave on for 6-10 days then apply new tape for another 4 weeks. Helps reduces, Tummy Tucks Scars, Scars, Keloids, preventing widening of Scars, Dark Discoloration, and reduces tension.

Comes with ( x1 Strips)  8' Long  x 1  1/2  ' wide You can cut to size, if you have a smaller scar about 1-3 ' long. Also carry Scar treatment gel, Stretch marks cream.

  • Staying power: Silicone Strips can aid in faster scar healing than gels.
  • A non-invasive and painless way of helping reducing scar tissue.
  • Can also help minimize redness, pain, bumpiness or itching of scar                                                             

 tissue as your skin heals. If you use them until you have no scab left it has many positive benefits.

It prevents excessive growth of scar tissue. How your scars heal after surgery is an important factor to many men and women. Most  scars are itchy, painful, and make you feel self conscious. They may keep you from sleeping and cause worry or stress. Often after surgery your doctor may recommend scar tape or silicone gel sheet to help your scars heal effectively.

 Contains: Shea butter, Honey, Aloe vera, Apki, Silicone, Bilberry, Calendula,  Rosemary,  Neem, Fennel, Hemp, Rosehip, Vitamins and Minerals.

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