Facial Beauty Soaps

$8.00 USD

Black Afican Shea Butter Face Soap 2oz bar. Kojic Acid Skin lightening Soap.

Our soothing body, face bar soap is specially formulated with organic Shea Butter, Oatmeal, Charcoal and Aloe to cleanse, moisturize and comfort irritated skin while absorbing excess oil. Great for Acne

 African Black Soap, an honored beauty secret, made from palm ash, tamarind extract, tar and plantain peel, helps to calm and clear blemishes and troubled skin.

Leaves skin soft and refreshed. Perfect for helping relieve symptoms of eczema or psoriasis.

Step up to purely soft skin. Enjoy the ultimate luxury with our African Black Soap. Specially formulated entirely from natural ingredients and herbs, this African black soap will have you feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Restores damaged skin and is helpful in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles, and dark spots.

 Excellent for face, hands,  whole body and hair.

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