Cellulite & Fat Reducing Oil

$28.00 USD $34.00 USD

Cellulite Fat Burning Oil that burn fat

Great results when Dry brushing before applying the oil.
Apply to body to reduce cellulite & burn fat, also firms the skin thickening its cells, making it smoother.

Proven active ingredients that provide rapid, noticeable results.*

Amazing results!


What It Is

An advanced heat activated scientific formula designed to give the appearance of tight and toned buttocks. Achieve the reduced appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and subcutaneous fat. It's  your perfect workout partner to help sculpt the body you’ve always desired.* Women have less fat burning receptors, called beta-receptors, in this area, making it the hardest to burn off!

This helps skin tissues regenerate and detoxify skin by eliminating damaged proteins, other accumulated fat wastes, and dead skin cells to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. 

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