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Natural Tropical Restoration Hair Growth Serum that is better than Rogaine formula. starts to works in 1 week.  Must use til you get you desires results.  

Rapid fast Hair Growth Serum thats natural. Fully concentrated only apply a tiny amounts to the scalp or the rest of the hair to add thicker fuller longer hair, leave on do not rinse off. Non greasy.

Makes hair grow fast, repairs split ends, rebuilds, protects from heat, helps balding, thinning, thickening, longer hair, reduces grey and alopecia.

Take zinc, vitamin C,D, B complex, silica, biotin, collagen pills, multivitamins with minerals. Take Probiotics

Micro derma roller for hair loss daily then apply this oil. Red Light Radio Frequency Therapy helos with hair loss too. 

Detox for 2 weeks with my miracle Detox. Drink bone broth daily. These help with detoxifying your body and getting collagen. 


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