The Miracle Detox Liquid

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Fully concentrated must Dilute first 1/2 -1 tbs add to 4oz- 8oz of water mix, then drink once a day for 1-2 week.

Plenty of water all day to flush out toxins. This don't cause diarrhea, but cleanses you whole body even the blood purifying it, removing toxins, viruses, bacteria, adding in weight loss, helping cholesterol, diabetes, dentist fillings, sickness, vaccines, high blood pressure, headaches, hair loss, enzymes, bipolar, any mental illness, ADHD, ADD, autism, skin disorders, aging, damaged liver, cancer, flu, C•o•r•o•n•a•virus, colon cleanse.


Always eat more fruits, vegetables, less carbs and detox to build up immune system.

"This is not to cure just to help build up immune system".


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